Ministry Overview


All Adult Ministry flows together in one current of disciplemaking energies.  Existing leaders are called to walk alongside younger Christians to help them take their next step toward Jesus.  This next step is always one of greater obedience to Christ in using their spiritual gifts to do the Great Commission out of love for God and others.

Stonebridge Equipping Programs

Worship Services.  We believe that most people get involved at Stonebridge by first attending our worship services.  We expect each person to continue this practice of regular, corporate worship.  This is what it means to CELEBRATE.

Starting Point.  The existing equipping programs at Stonebridge serve this goal.  When new people come to Stonebridge we introduce them to our identity and mission through our Starting Point process.  The new person learns from our Senior Pastor in two separate introductory seminars.  In between these seminars we have the person attend our Christianity Explored class so they can deeply connect with what is most important to us: Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

LIFE Groups.  After the Starting Point process we ask the new person to join one of our LIFE Groups: mixed, mens or womens.  It is primarily in this setting of true community where they will learn to walk the journey of progressively becoming more like Christ through vulnerable, Bible-saturated relationships of humble confession, truth-speaking, grace-giving, forgiveness and sacrificial love.   It is only in this enviroment that they will truly learn how to keep the two Great Commandments by the power of the Spirit: to love God and love others.  This is what it means to CONNECT.

LIFE University.  Throughout their ongoing spiritual development in LIFE Groups, supplemental classes will be offered to serve three distinct purposes:  1.) Basic discipleship instruction on core spiritual disciplines like Bible reading, prayer, and evangelizing.  2.) Biblical wisdom and instruction on common felt needs like parenting, marriage, finances, divorce and grief recovery.  3.)  Equipping for LIFE Group leaders and other ministry leaders on how to understand both souls and Scripture so they can faithfully apply the latter to the former.

Biblical Counseling.  Biblical counseling at Stonebridge exists for three reasons:  1.) To offer well-equipped counselors as a resource to LIFE Groups leaders who may need more assistance with a group member going through a significant struggle.  2.)  To provide LIFE Group leaders with additional equipping through the network of resources, advocacy and counselor-in-training experiences that a biblical counseling ministry creates.  3.) To continue shaping the culture of Stonebridge into a place where every person humbly realizes they are always in need of God’s counsel while at the same time confidently realizing they are called by God to give His counsel for the healing of others.

Outreach. If the disciplemaking current does not move each disciple into active obedience to Christ’s Great Commission, we have failed.  All energy devoted to Worship Services, Starting Point, LIFE Groups, LIFE University and Biblical Counseling must result in Christians who are sharing their faith and discipling new believers.  All true followers of Jesus will eventually reach out in two basic ways:  1.) serving within the Church to disciple and encourage other believers (whether children, youth or adults) and 2.) sharing the Gospel outside of the Church to bring unbelievers to Christ.  This is what it means to CONTRIBUTE.



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