Biblical Counseling

There are many challenges and problems in today’s complex society. That is why we believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is so important. Whether you are wrestling with your marriage, a parenting concern, single parenting, depression, or anger the Bible has answers for you.

Our Biblical Counseling Ministry provides free biblical counseling to those seeking God’s answers to the questions and problems in their lives.  For more information please view our brochure below or call the church office.

It is our belief that healing is a community project. Therefore, our policy for sessions with our counselors requires an advocate to be present at each appointment. Advocates will be observing, for the most part, and hold the same belief in confidentiality as our pastoral staff. If you are coming to Stonebridge from another church we are happy to help you but will require that a leader from your home church attend counseling with you as your advocate. We will be happy to contact the pastoral staff from your church and work with them to line this up.

 View our Brochure here

Are you interested in being an advocate for someone who is going through counseling?  Have a look at our pamphlet about the role of an advocate.

Advocate Pamphlet


Forms to complete for counseling

Personal Data Information Form for Counseling (Online form)

Counseling Release form (Print, sign and return)

For more information please contact the Church office.


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