Soul Care Tools Overview

Over the next 6 months (January to June 2014) all LIFE Group leaders will be gradually implementing the following tools in the soul care discipleship of their group members.

Those who have taken the Uncommon Community training will be familiar with these tools.  Leaders who have not taken the training need to watch the DVD’s as soon as possible.

[NOTE: All of these tools come from Garrett Higbee and his ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel –]

CONNECTING (January 5 – February 15)

GPS Tool – Need help with this tool?

Covenant Tool

ASSESSING (February 16 – March 29)

Tree Diagram – Need help with this tool?

HRQ – Need help with this tool?

RESPONDING (March 30 – May 10)

CPR – Need help with this tool?

CARING (May 11 – June 21)

SOS – Need help with this tool?

Church Care Plan – Need help with this tool?


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